Building Combat Robot Using Battle Robot Kits

Battle robot kits have been amusing and entertaining since so many years ago. Building a battle robot or combat robot is not as hard as we think. There are so many robot kits on the market that are specially designed for combat. Different from any other types, combat robots usually come in various styles and built from hard materials. It is because the robot would be used for combating or fighting, which means that there would be two or more robots in the field.

 Battle robot kits

Battle Robot Kits Weight Classes

If you want to build a combat robot, you need to decide the size of the robot. Combat robots come in various sizes, from 75 grams to 34 lbs. you need to choose the weight classes that are held. Combat robots are separated into some weight classes; the biggest is the 60lbs+. In this class, two large robots will attack each other. This machine gives something more than entertainment because when you decide to build it, you need to prepare from scratches. Up to today, there are no manufacturers make large battle robot kits. Many robot builders said that to build a combat robot, they spent more than $1000. Some robot builders even spent more than $15000 just for one combat robot.

Battle Robot Kits

The second class is the small robot. Different from the large size, small combat robot brings a lot of fun. However, it does not mean that there are no challenges when building it. Because of the size is limited so each part that will put on the machine must be perfectly calculated. Another benefit is that small combat robot is easier to transport and cheaper than the large one. When you decide to build a small combat robot, you do not need to build from nothing because there are many manufacturers have provided battle robot kits that can be used for competing in the small size combat.

Before you decide to build a combat robot, it is better for you to do some research and set the budget. Many robot kits on the market offer a lower price than build by your own. However, robot kits usually do not have the specifications you wanted. Some combat robot kits on the market are too fragile and do not have ability to give powerful attack. However, if you just want to learn and make a start, choosing battle robot kits will always the best option because it is cheaper and easier to build.

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