FANUC Robotics, the Biggest Automation Maker in the World

FANUC Robotics is a group of companies from Japan. The group consists of FANUC Corporation Japan, FANUC Europe Corporation S.A. Luxembourg and FANUC America Corporation Michigan. The company is known as automation product suppliers, including computer numerical control systems and as robotics.

Today, FANUC which is the acronym of Factory Automation Numerical Control is known as one of the biggest makers of industrial robots. Based on its history, the company was begun as part of Fujitsu, which was developing servo and numerical control systems. FANUC was the result of establishment happened in the Computing Control Division in 1972. Today, the company headquarter is in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.

FANUC Robotics

Many clients have been served by FANUC Robotics, including American and Japanese car and electronic manufacturers. One of the biggest clients is the Panasonic which produces about 2 million TV sets per month with just 25 workers.

There are more than 240 joint ventures, offices and subsidiaries in over 46 countries in the world. Based on many sources, it makes the company becomes the largest CNC controls maker. With that capacity, FANUC fills about 65% of the global market.

FANUC Robotics Joint Ventures and Subsidiaries

FANUC America Corporation covers North and South America. This company was the incarnation of two different companies in 2013, which were FANUC CNC America which started its business in 1992 and FANUC Robotics America Corporation which started its operation in 2010. Because of the incarnation, the company is not just providing robotic automation but also producing controls, software and vision products that are needed for robotic systems. The company headquarter is in Rochester Hills, Michigan with 10 regional locations throughout Brazil, Mexico, US and Canada.

FANUC Robotics

The main business of the American branch is providing the systems for automotive, metals, medical devices and plastic manufacturers. The company was founded in 1982 as the result of joint venture between General Motors and FANUC and namely GMFANUC Robotics Corporation. There were 70 staffs worked in the company, which was located in the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. But, in 1992, it became a wholly owned subsidiary FANUC Ltd.

FANUC Europe Corporation S.A. is headquartered in Luxembourg. Most of its clients are coming from Europe. Just like its sister company in Michigan, the European branch is also providing service, support and sales.

During the time, the FANUC Robotics continuously grows and becomes one of the biggest automation providers in the world. Now, the company is not just serving America and Europe but also supports the establishment of automotive industry in Asia.

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