Industrial Robotic Arm Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency

Industry world is now changing with the revolution of industrial robotic arm. What human hand can’t do is now could be done by robot. When it compared to human hand, robotic arm could do something more powerful, faster, precise, and durable. That means it could bring more effectiveness and efficiency in the process. The aim is higher revenue.

Robot is suitable for mass production. A robot could replace ten and even hundreds human labor that means reducing operational cost. Although the cost to have robot is high, the reduction of operational cost from reduction of human labor is higher.

Indeed, up to this day, robot intelligent has not surpassed human intelligent. Many researchers are working to solve such shortage of robot. However, recent models had improved so much to bring benefits to industries. By combining human labor and robots, industries could make the process more profitable.

Industrial Robotic Arm

Range of Tasks Industrial Robotic Arm

Robots are now starting to take place of human labor in various manufacturing and industrial processes. Due to continuous researches and innovation, thousands models of industrial robotic arm are now available in the market. Each of them has different specifications with different abilities to do different tasks.

Range of tasks that a robotic arm could do is wide. Similar with human hand, robotic arm could take something; put something, hold, pull, push, grab, throw, catch, wipe, and more. Nevertheless, an industrial robotic arm commonly designed to do tasks for specific work or application. The examples are welding, packaging, palletizing, assembling, painting, testing, and inspections.

Industrial Robotic Arm

In industries especially one that related to mass production, many robots are programmed to do repetitive actions with high accuracy. Sometime one robot only does one task but the action is repeated over and over again. The goal is to produce more products in shortest time possible.

On different case, the robots are programmed to be flexible in doing various tasks. Commonly, the robots will do tasks that human hand could not do it or too dangerous. For example, tasks involving heavy load or the job should be done in high temperature or high-pressure environment. In advanced use, many modern industrial robots have advanced artificial intelligence with ability to identify something and perform something complicated.

Due to different needs of different industries, many industrial robots are custom made. The size and the abilities are made to fit specific applications. They are programmable in PC based. Since industrial robotic arm will work in the environment where human exist, safe interaction become a big concern.

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