KUKA Robotics, Robotic Arms from Germany

KUKA Robotics is a manufacturer of industrial robots and factory automation solutions from Germany. The company has 25 subsidiaries around the world, and most of them are selling products and giving services. Some countries where the KUKA subsidiaries can be found are in most European countries, US, Mexico, Canada, China, Brazil, Japan, India, Russia and Taiwan. The name of the company is the acronym from its founder, which are Keller Und Knappich Augsburg.

KUKA Robotics

KUKA Robotics History

KUKA was founded in Augsburg, Germany in 1898 by Jacob Knappich and Johann Josef Keller, at the beginning of its operation, KUKA focused on producing lights, and then expanded into big containers and welding equipment. By 1966, the company became the market leader in Europe in term of communal vehicle. The company was split into KUKA Schwei├čanlagen and KUKA Robotics Corporation in 1995 and both become the subsidiaries of KUKA AG which focus on automation of industrial manufacturing processes solutions up to today. There is something unique with the robots produced by the German company, which is that most robots are finished in the company’s official color, orange or black.

The KUKA robots are applied in a number of areas, including loading and unloading machines, spot and arc welding, palletizing and material handling. There are many companies throughout the globe use the robots from KUKA robotics, mostly are coming from automotive and aerospace. There are some specific applications of KUKA robots, including:

Food and beverage industry, especially for loading and unloading of cutting meat, packaging machines, quality control, palletizing and stacking

Transport industry, especially for the transport of heavy loads

Construction industry

Glass industry, for example in the bending and forming process

Foundry and forging industry, especially as casting machines

Wood industry

Metal processing

Stone processing

KUKA Robotics

In 2001, the company built a partnership with RoboCaster Ltd. Both companies develop the first passenger carrying industrial robot. It uses a roller coaster-style seats that are attached to robotic arms. The machine gives a roller coaster-like wave using a series of programmable maneuvers. In 2010, the second generation of the machine called the RoboCoaster G2 was brought and installed at Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando, Florida.

The partnership between KUKA Robotics and RoboCoaster also touch the movie industry. Some Hollywood films used the robots, such as James Bond Die another Day and Ron Howard’s controversial movie The Da Vinci Code.

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