Most Interesting Advanced Robot Kits for Kids

Advanced Robot Kits - Today’s children started to leave dolls and toy cars. Many children these days play a more complex and more educational toy, which are advanced robot kits. For kids, robot is just some of the most cutting edge products that can be found easily on the market. By matching gesture, advanced mechatronics and apps, the electronic kits will have its life. Children will keep entertain with it and they will learn something new from the robot they built.

Advanced Robot Kits

5 Most Popular Advanced Robot Kits

Advanced Robot Kits

Amongst so many advanced robot kits, we have some of the most entertaining and easy to assemble. Read the list below:

Sphero 2.0: This is the second version of the very popular little ball, Sphero 1.0 that was launched to the market in 2014. Different from its predecessor, the Sphero 2.0 comes with more interactive functions and cool LED lights. This robot can be paired with Android and iOS devices using Bluetooth, so kids are easy to control it. Apart from being a toy, the Sphero 2.0 is also a learning media.

Ollie: This robot kit is coming from the same company of Sphero. Different from its sister, Ollie has ability to move faster and it can adjust to some different kind of terrain. Kids will love this small robot because they can ask it to spin, jump, drift, flip or even run using their Smartphone. To communicate with its controller, Ollie is using LED lights that will change colors during the operation.

mBot Robot Kit: mBot is one amongst some advanced robot kits that can give both excitement and education. This product is specially built for teaching kids with some programming. Before they can play it, the mBot must be assembled. It can be finished within 10 minutes because of its modular design.

Romibo: This robot is specially created for helping kids learn certain languages. It also helps children learn about social skills and communication. This robot is truly interesting because some tests showed that most children love to communicate with it.

Cubelets: Building Cubelets is like building blocks, the difference is just that every brick in this robot kit is robot. Each Cubelets is connected with brick adapters. This is one of the most interesting advanced robot kits on the market that can give three main functions, which are Think, Action and Sense. This robot is a great choice for parents who want to provide an excellent educational robot.

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