Simple Robotics for Kids

Encouraging your kids to make great engineering and science projects would be a good way to improve their skill. Scientific and technology discoveries are nearly happening every some months. When technology discovery gives its way to consumers, there will be another one comes and replaces it. Robotics for kids will teach your kids to understand and love science and technology.

Robotics for Kids

Robotics for Kids Are Available On Many Versions

Kids of all ages enjoy in creating their own robots. There are some types of robots you can try to build with your kids. These robots are cheap and simple, and most important is that the robots do not break your bank account. This robotics for kids below can be done as a media to teach them to love science and technology.

Robotics for Kids

The Beetle Robot: This robot only requires some simple materials and tools. You can easily find those materials and tools in many electronic stores, such as glue gun, batteries, soldering iron and paperclips. Because of that reason, this robot is the most realistic project for your kids. It is easy to craft beetle robot because you just need a simple wire cutting and soldering. This simple robot will appear like a beetle and it can move on its own.

13-minute robot: Popular sites LMR mentions a simple robotics for kids that can be built within just 13 minutes. This robot is more complicated than the beetle version, but it still easy to craft. This robot can move in a variety of directions because it uses wheels. If you want to improve its ability, you can even program it with computer. Different from the beetle robot, this robot requires some computerized parts. If you do not want to be bothered, you can buy it from the LMR official website. The price of the bundle is quite cheap, which is about $100 per bundle. To build it, you and your kids just have to do some simple tasks, such as wire cutting, shrinking a heat tube and wire cutting.

ARobot Mobile This is a robotic kit that is offered via Arrick Robotics. This robot kit covers the parts to craft a simple robot. It includes frame parts, robot body, wheels, cables, tested and assembled circuit board, motors and programming software. To complete this robotics for kids, you need to prepare some tools, including pliers and screwdrivers. To activate the robots, you also need to have eight AA batteries. All steps and instructions are included inside the bundle, and you just need to follow it to craft your own robot.

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