Asimo, Humanoid Robot from Honda

Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility or also known as Asimo is an example of a high technology humanoid robot. This 54 kg robot stands at 130 cm. It appears like an astronaut who wears a square backpack. Different from any other robot, Asimo has ability to run up to 4.3 mph with his two feet.

Humanoid Robot Asimo Was Developed Since 1986

Humanoid Robot

Asimo was created and developed by teams of engineers of Honda Motors, Japan. As we know, Honda is widely known as one of the biggest car manufacturers and power supplies in the world. The company started to develop industrial robots in 1986 with a mission to make a robot that has ability to move around in the house. It means the robot must have a perfect walking feature and technology. The first attempt was using boxes combined with legs. The mechanism was success and the team of engineers started to give it arms, hands and head.

After years of hard work, the engineers finally found a new technology and created a walking humanoid robot; they named it Asimo. Different from any other robot, Asimo is given a PowerPC to control his 26 joints. The robot itself can be controlled with remote control or workstation. As power source, Asimo uses small powerful servo motors that are completed with rotating shaft. It can easily move the surfaces or limbs to an angle as ordered by the controller. The engineers had also built a 3D CPU which gives the robot a more computing power.

Here are some features can be performed by the Honda’s humanoid robot:

Asimo Humanoid Robot

1. Asimo is able to recognize moving objects because he has been equipped with camera with visual data captured. Just like human, he can recognize the direction of moving objects and even the distance it travels. Because of that, Asimo can follow a person and greet when he or she approaches.

2. Recognizing gestures and postures. Because the robot can interpret the position and movement of hands, he can response based on the hands movement. For example, Asimo will accept the handshake or wave back to a person who does it. He can also pointing particular place.

3. Asimo can act in a safe way for both humans and him selves. He can also recognize his environment. For example, Asimo can recognize potential danger in the house like stairs and then avoid a person from being hit by him.

4. He can distinguish sound. As an advanced humanoid robot, Asimo is able to respond and talking with a person. He can also answer some different questions and show some basic expressions, such as shake head. He can even answer questions though verbal answers.

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