Becomes a Roboticist

Roboticist is the word used to call a person who designs, programs, experiments and builds robot. They who are called with the title often have backgrounds of various disciplines, including mechanical engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, interaction design, physics and human-computer interaction. They work in various fields, including industry, government labs, university, entrepreneurial firms or even startup companies.

The number of people who want to be a professional robotic engineer is growing rapidly within last two decades. They see fact that robot is not just an imaginary figure they see on films. With the development of technology, now everyone could build robot, from small to the biggest one.


Chasing Roboticist Title

Like we mentioned before that roboticsist is an engineer who work with robot, from scratches to the finishing processes, it means you need to have specific skills to be one of them. It is not hard to be a robotic engineer since many schools and universities around the world open special field of it. Here are the steps you can take if want to be robotic engineer:

Graduate from high school. You need to take classes in computer science, drafting and math. By taking the course, you will be able to develop your skill that will be needed when you enter the college. You will also need to improve your skill on calculus, algebra, computer science and physics in particular.

Apply and study in an accredited university. To master the skill on building and creating robot, you need to have at least a Bachelor of Science. You will need to develop computer science, math and engineering. To become a professional roboticist, you also need to take robotics theory, robotics design, robotic development and robotics laboratory. Specialize in electrical, industrial engineering or mechanical. Look for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology program if possible.
Then, you need to graduate from school and look for Master of Science in Engineering with robotics as specialty. It will help you find a higher position after the graduation than if you just have a B.S.C.
There are many fields need robotics engineer. Manufacturing companies, government labs and military agencies are the most common fields you can try to approach.

It is not hard to find a job as robotic engineer since the demand of it is increasing significantly within last few years. Though to be a roboticist you do not need specific degree but if you graduate from the college where you take robotic engineering, the chance for you to work on a big companies is widely open.

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