Robotics and Automation Revolutionizing Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing industries are revolutionized by Robotics and automation. Huge demand of human labor becomes history as robots take over the jobs. Manual work is no longer needed as the robot is programmed to work automatically. The factory is now filled by machines and human supports are very limited.

As development in technology, robots are the choices to do something that human hand could not do. Robotics and automation are perfect combination that brings many benefits to industries. It brings more effectiveness and efficiency compared to manual labor because robots could work faster with high accuracy and precision. Robots could work on details perfectly to make identical products that human hand could not do it. Made from strong materials, robots could also work in the hazardous or other conditions that could be dangerous for human such as high temperature and high pressure. Robots could also work longer than human could, so it increases productivity.

Robotics and Automation

With the use of automatic control, robot could work with less human control. In advanced technology, robots could perform complete job automatically and execute repetitive actions by single push of a button. Human work is only needed for initiation and supervising the work of the robots. It will lead to increasing of productivity due to time efficient in repetitive production.

Robotics and Automation Bring Perfect Solution on Mass Production

Due to work faster, time efficient and high precision, Robotics and automation are perfect solution for mass production. Robots could make twice or even more products in the same time elapse. The result is higher revenue for the company because the profit is multiplied by huge number of products made. Such calculation becomes the way out of high initial cost of Robotics. Although the company should spend high in the beginning, it will reach a balance shortly.

Mass production is not only beneficial for industries but also beneficial for end user. Mass production could cut off operational costs so it could reduce the product price. In addition, fast production will give enough supply to fulfill high demand of the product. As the result, consumers should not wait long until they get the product.

The main problem of using robots in mass production is high demand of energy. Industries need to ensure enough and continuous energy supply for production to run as planned. Energy backup is essential in order to prevent problem in case of energy failure. Thus, careful planning is needed for application of Robotics and automation in industries.

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