Robotics Engineering Schools Create Robotics Experts

As Robotics progresses fast, Robotics engineering schools grow in the same pace. High demand of Robotics engineers in various industries made many university and polytechnics provides Robotics engineering programs to create Robotics experts that will lead the futures. United States of America is the country well known for topnotch Robotics schools. Europe and several Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea complete the list.

In many schools, Robotics programs are made under mechanical engineering. However, Robotics is interdisciplinary fields that different schools offer different programs such as interdisciplinary programs of Robotics in collaboration with medical or Robotics with agriculture. In many cases, two universities or more could work in collaboration of creating interdisciplinary Robotics programs.

Robotics Engineering Schools

Each school has different ways and methods in providing Robotics programs that suit different interests. Commonly, they have special Robotics lab to support research projects of the students. Many schools join forces with organizations or companies to provide real practical studies. Some schools cooperate with organizations in advanced researches.

Study Programs at Robotics Engineering Schools

Study programs offered by Robotics engineering schools are different one to another. Students should pay attention to the details before choosing the program. In general, the options are undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate programs usually offer bachelor degree in Robotics. This program is suitable for students who have big interest in Robotics and sure about opening their path to become Robotics engineer or researcher. Students will learn about Robotics in general, including the fundamental of Robotics, theoretical concepts, practical instructions, and a bit business lesson. The core areas are including design, control, manufacture, manipulation, artificial intelligent, and interaction of human and robot.

Graduate programs in Robotics engineering schools offer master and doctoral degree. Master programs take about 2 years with specialization study. Master programs generally have two different types of study program. The first program is Robotics science with further approach in theory and research. Master degree from this program is commonly needed for doctoral Robotics program. The second type is professional Robotics study that made for professional Robotics engineers who want to advance their career. Professional master Robotics programs might divide into advanced Robotics practice and advanced Robotics development.

Doctoral program is made for Robotics researchers who wish to gain more knowledge and go deeper in research for future robots. The core area is narrowed to specific interest. Doctoral Robotics program is only available in limited Robotics engineering schools. Graduated students will receive PhD in Robotics.

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