Robotics Merit Badge Worksheet Guidance to Get the Honor

Robotics merit badge worksheet is guidance for scout who wants to earn Robotics merit badge. In scout world, earning a merit badge is an honor. In order to earn a badge, scout should do so many things and fulfill the requirements completely. It is not only about interest but also understanding and abilities. The badge is a proof of knowledge and skills in specific area, in this case is Robotics field.

Robotics Merit Badge Worksheet Requirements

Robotics merit badge worksheet

In the Robotics merit badge worksheet, scout will find requirements to earn Robotics merit badge. The requirements are divided into 7 phases. Scout should complete all phase perfectly in front of the counselor.

The first phase to complete is about safety. Scout is required to explain the possible hazards of working with robots, explain how to prevent the hazards, and explain how to handle it. Scout should know what to wear and safety gear needed while working with robots. Then, scout need to discuss with the counselor about injury prevention and first aid while doing Robotics activities and participating in Robotics competition.

Phase second is about scout understanding about Robotics industry. In front of the counselor, scout should explain robots models, similarities and differences between different robot models, and robot mechanicals.

Phase three is about general knowledge in Robotics fields. Scout will have to choose three from 5 major Robotics fields and start discussion with the counselor using pictures or videos. The five major fields are interface, mobility, programming, sensors, and manipulation.

Phase four should be the most important and fun part in Robotics merit badge worksheet. In this phase, scout should design, build, program, and test a robot under supervision of counselor. There are specific guidance, tasks, and options to fulfill while building a robot.

Phase five is the time to demonstrate the robot in front of the counselor. While demonstrating the robot, scout should share the engineering notebook and the new things learned while building robots. Scout also need to discuss about the future project.

Phase six is about knowledge in Robotics competition. Scout could collect information about at least 3 Robotics competitions or attend a Robotics competition and make report about it.

Phase seven is about career in Robotics. Scout should able to name at least 3 career opportunities in the field of Robotics. From the three, scout should choose one and collect information about the job. Then, discuss with counselor about the choice. The last phase in the Robotics merit badge worksheet is meant to help scout find their interest of the future career.

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