Robotics Process Automation as Balanced Strategy to Increase Revenue

Robotics process automation (RPA) has been used as balanced strategy to increase revenue of many companies. Using RPA, various business processes could be made faster in high accuracy. It is balancing productivity with operational cost and infrastructure of the office. With the growth of digital world and fierce competition between companies, using the right strategy will strengthen the company and bring it to the top.

Robotics process automation could be described as process automation in Robotics way. The core of the technology is robotic software, which made to capture actions of existing application in the business process and interpret it automatically. The software could work in many ways such as processing business transactions, triggering responses to the existing application, manipulating data, and communicating the system with other digital systems.

Robotics Process Automation

RPA technology could be applied in various industries. However, the main industries that use RPA are industries with large scale of general process work, high volume transactions, and multiple digital systems. In recent years, more and more organizations use RPA such as enterprise companies, outsourcing providers, and IT consulting companies.

Robotics Process Automation in Cost Saving and Time Efficient

With automation on the process, company could save a lot in operational cost, especially due to reduce of human labor because the process is done by machine. Human labor has been a burden for many companies because it cost so much for the wage and allowance every month. Robotics process automation is only expensive in the beginning but later it saves more. The total is so much lower. Due to reduction of human labor, the need of office infrastructure is reduced as well. It means, more money saving for the company.

Using RPA is also increasing time efficiency because machine could work faster than human could. It could be twice and even much faster so companies will have more time to work on other things. Such fast jobs are done with high accuracy.

Of course, human support is still needed in order to make sure the automation process run well as desired. Human will work on the initial programming and maintenance. However, the need of human support is so much lower than the need of human labor when the process is done manually.

Similar with other technologies, RPA is developing fast with innovation in the automation software and artificial intelligent. In the future, it is expected that Robotics process automation would be more effective, efficient, faster, and powerful process. Infrastructure support jobs are also expected to be reduced greatly in order to save more operational cost.

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