Robotics Smart Machines -Smart for kids

Interactive and fun, Robotics Smart Machines is a kit that will introduce kids to the world of Robotics in an interesting way. The kit is made simple and easy to understand by kids but challenging enough to make kids grow interest to keep on building and programming the robots. Kids will not only build one but up to 8 motorized machines with different look and abilities to do many things.

Robotics is not block games. It requires creativity to build the robot into interesting figure but the main goal is to make the robot controllable and behave as desired. Therefore, to install the sensor properly and to program the machine correctly is very important work. That is what makes Robotics Smart Machines challenging. In order to prevent bore, the manual is made colorful.

Robotics Smart Machines

Since the kit is made for kids and newbie, programming is made simple and fun with visual programming app that work on tablet and Smartphone with IOS or Android. By simply connect the robot to the tablet via wireless Bluetooth connection, kid could start the programming anytime. The app is the brain that programmed command will make the robot behave based on the ultrasound sensor feedback when bouncing objects in the surrounding.

Robotics Smart Machines Customizable Humanoid and Much More

With more than 230 pieces on the package and interactive program, Robotics Smart Machines is customizable robot kit with 8 possible machines to assemble. Kid could assemble humanoid robot, stag beetle, crocodile, dog, dino, spy-bot, and even drone model, all with cute look and distinctive abilities to response the surrounding.

Sensors on each model will send sound waves. When hitting an object, the wave will bounce off. Sensor will catch the bouncing wave and interpret it. The program will read the interpretation and make command to the robot to behave.

Humanoid robot could walk forward and avoid obstacles. The beetle makes response to the obstacle by moving forward or backward. The crocodile will response to the obstacle by opening the jaw. The drone will rotate 90 degrees as the response to obstacle. The other models will behave differently as programmed.

Each model will teach kids differently about robotic technology. After finishing one model, kids will know how the technology work and find it easier to do the next model. However, the challenge is different so kids will keep on interest to continue the project until the last model. Robotics Smart Machines let the kids build knowledge and experiences to become robotic smart.

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