Robotics Technician Salary Trend in Recent Years

As promising field, Robotics will lead you to a better future if you can get a proper Robotics technician job. However, it is better to know Robotics technician salary before you made decision and before you take any job. For sure, the amount would be different at different conditions. However, the trend will give you a good guidance.

In recent years, the salary trend for Robotics technician in United State is showing growth. From early 2000, the average yearly growth is about 19%. The growth is expected to continue for more years to come because the demand is high as the field grows fast.

Robotics Technician Salary

High and Low Robotics Technician Salary

In hourly rate, the data as January 2016 shows lowest rate at $13.30 and the highest rate at $27.20. Annually, Robotics technician salary records $31,912 as the lowest and $86,730 as the highest. Overtime rate is recorded at $19.51 - $40.05, while bonus is recorded at $0.00 - $3,915.

The total amount of the salary is depending on many things. The company, education, skills, and position play the main factors. Big company has more ability to pay more while small company commonly asked the employee to compromise. Higher education will bring more payment. Commonly, Robotics technician should have at least college education to work. Machine programming and machine manufacturing are skills that appreciated with higher pay. Fresh graduated will start at the entry level technician and gain more as he/she jump to higher position.

Working location is also play part as the economy condition and state regulation will influence the amount of Robotics technician salary. State with highest income for Robotics technician is Alaska. The salary could reach more than $80,000. State with lowest income for this job is Florida with $37,300.

Robotics technician could work in different industries. Industry that pays lowest is public administration while the highest payment is on oil and gas industries. If you want to get big, try to apply at mining, quarrying, transportation, warehousing, management enterprises, educational services, and technical services. Industries that commonly pay less are including manufacturing, wholesale trade, construction, and waste management.

Salary is also influenced by the responsibilities of the worker. Higher responsibilities will lead to higher compensation. As robotic technician, the responsibilities are including but not limited to installing and programming robotic system, maintenance, repair, performing preventative measures, and development.

As for experience, it will give influence to Robotics technician salary but only moderate. Except for extraordinary experience such as working on new sophisticated technology that only limited people have it, you may get higher compensation.

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