The Robotics Disposal Ground GOLDMINE Game from Fallout 4

The Robotics disposal ground is a game picturing a small junkyard as the area to open up the mystery. The yard has some special secrets to unveil.

Where to Find the Secret in the Robotics Disposal Ground?

Robotics Disposal Ground

From the Vault, turn left and move straight to disposal ground; you will find a bridge to cross a river before you reach a Sanctuary. Follow the river’s shoreline and you will find a small lake at the end. You can have another route by walking straight to Red Rocket Truck Stop and then through the river shoreline on the lake’s opposite. Any route you choose, you will find the disposal ground at the lake’s tip.

When you find the Robotics disposal ground, don’t come into it because it is infested by rats. Just come into a concrete room on the left side and experience the cool things here. Launch the holotape and also do the activation of Combat Sentry Proto MKIV when you do the computer booting. Pick kinds of military circuit boards and stimpak before continue. You can also get a workbench of weapons in the room. When you go outside the room, you will find six mole rats. The sentry will make the move of the rats faster.

Shoot and Make Money on the Robotics Disposal Ground

Get the hiding rats and search them until the end of the junkyard. You can get rare ammo in this yard; the flamer fuel but no flamer available. Find more ammos, weapons and materials behind the Dog meat and in green crate. Besides, there is also power armor fusion core on the scrap heap. Look around on the yard to find it. Get more powerful weapon beyond green crate and behind the cars piling, but it isn’t filled by ammo. The ammo will be difficult to find. Then you should keep before you drop it in safe place.

Go back to the concrete room of the Robotics disposal ground to access the terminal again. Do self-destruct for the Sentry and holotape boot up. Continue to go outside and avoid the robot. You could be killed by a small explosion or for hand – to hand fighting against a robot. Loot the sucker when you similar scene. And get one more circuit board, forty 5.56 rounds, power relay coil and six aluminum. Then you will have enough power and weapon to continue the adventure in the Robotics disposal ground.

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