Vex Robotics Kits for Children and Adults

Vex robotics kits are a do-it-yourself robot creation kit. Just like any other mechanic toys, the kit also needs power source, in this case is some batteries. The robotic kit will give a functional robot that can be easily controlled using a wireless radio transmitter. You can add additional features, abilities and parts by upgrading to the basic kit. To build the robotic kit is not hard because you will get the instruction once you buy it. The instruction also contains the information regarding the collision detection and movements.

Vex Robotics Kits

Playing Vex Robotics Kits

The Vex robotics kits can be recognized easily because it appears differently from other similar products on the market. This kit has battery pack finished with blue box on the top of the unit. Besides the battery pack, there is radio receiver, appeared as small yellow box. There are red and grey buttons on the back and front ends, which are the collision detectors. When the robot hits something, the wheels will automatically stop, which prevents from damages, especially the gears. Below the battery pack, there is a large grey unit; that is the brain of the robot.

You need to work with the Vex robotics kits more because it has more than 500 parts. Using the robotic kit, you will be able to build some different robot; it is just about your creativity and imagination. You do not have to worry if some parts lost because there are many stores offer replacing parts. The price of the parts is cheap so you do not have to spend much money.

About the robot design, you can find references from both internets, especially from Vex labs and from the manual that you get from the starter kit. The radio transmitter requires 8 AA batteries and the robot needs 6 AA batteries. All batteries you use will go through quickly, so it is better if you buy additional batteries.

Vex produce the robot kit for both children and adults. By assembling the robot kits, you will easily understand basic mechanics. Because the size of some parts is small, so you need to hand it delicately and try to not lose it. You need to be patience, especially if you want the best result. There are upgrades if you want to play with the more advanced design. The advanced kit has sensors for range finding and light detection. The advanced design of the Vex robotics kits is so popular among young adults and up because offering more educational content and challenge.

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