The Connection between Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

What is the connection between Robotics and artificial intelligence? Many people asked such question but maybe still cannot find the satisfying answer. It has to be said that AI or Artificial Intelligence is the most interesting and challenging field in Robotics. However, it is also the most controversial. It happens because everyone agrees that robot can easily help industries and humans to work in the assembly line but they are hard to believe that a robot can be intelligent just like human being.

Are Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Connected?

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

When we asked about the connection between Robotics and artificial intelligence, then we have to understand the meaning of those two terms. We have to know that artificial intelligence and robot are hard to define. Many experts and sources said that artificial intelligence would be recreation of the human thought process, which is a human-made machine that is given human intellectual abilities. When we talk about human abilities, it includes the ability to learn about anything, about using language or speak ability to create new ideas and maybe the ability to make a logic reason. Maybe, Robotics are near achieving this level, and we can say that the machine has been successfully given artificial intelligence, but the ability belongs to those machines are still limited. Though those two terms are connected intrinsically, but the intelligence belongs to robots is still basic.

While Robotics and artificial intelligence are not connected intrinsically, those two terms often used together, especially in attempt to make machines and computers that more closely resemble animals and humans. Robots are only as “intelligent” as the program that is used to move them, while the artificial intelligence or AI can be utilized for creating “smarter” robots. The connection has been used in producing toys, such as robotic animals. It is also used for some demonstrations of robots that showed human responses and thoughts.

Though both artificial intelligence and Robotics are commonly connected but each of those terms is separated field. Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science where software is designed and created to help scientist emulating the way in which the brain creating responses and thoughts and perceives the world around it. On the other hand, Robotics is a field of engineering where machines are created to move in a number of different ways. We have to admit that when those two terms can be perfectly combined; there will be a great machine where everything we can find inside human body can be done by the machine. However, up to today. Robotics and artificial intelligence are still two fields of technology and computer science that are connected, especially in the minds of movie makers and science fiction lovers.

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