Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 (RDS4)

Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 or RDS 4 can be easily downloaded from the website of Microsoft Robotics. This is truly great news since many developers are waiting for the coming of the software. The coming of the RDS4 is only four months after the announcement of the RDS 4 Beta. Since the Beta version was announced, the team of Microsoft Robotics did not stop working. They worked hard to finish and put the final touches on RDS 4. This existence of this software is really great chance because now developers can easily access the software and they can build Robotics applications in an easier way.

Robotics Developer Studio 4 Brings Stability and Quality

Robotics Developer Studio 4

Since the RDS 4 Beta, stability and quality of the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 or RDS 4 are the main focus. The teams were collecting feedback from users to know what they wanted from the software. From the feedback, the team found that most developers wanted to have more stable software. The team responded the feedback well. They fixed some important issues in the RDS 4. They also created some improvements to existing samples. The result is that the RDS 4 is able to work with the release version of the Kinect, which is designed for Windows SDK.

The Microsoft Robotics team is already seeing that Robotics Developer Studio 4 being used to develop some advanced applications. It can be seen from the result gotten from the Robotics Home competition. At the competition, there were new developers who could produce interesting applications. The top 10 finalists of the competition provide great evidence that the software is really reliable. Some interviews from the finalists showed that they believed Robotics will be able to change the world.

The existence of this software brings a new change in the Robotics industry. Some experts, including famous Robotics engineers, believed that this software will open the door to a more advanced, useful application. However, they also said that they are waiting for new software, which could provide a more versatile feature.

However, this software has given something that makes beginners easier to create new applications. Because this software can be downloaded for free or open source type, so everyone who is interesting with the field is able to get it without have to spend money. Hopefully, the Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 or RDS will be followed by others that will lead to the dream of every robotics.

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