Robots 4 U Groupon Education Program

Robots 4 U groupon is a special program that is specially designed to bring an entertaining and fun learning experience which stimulates interest in STEAM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. This program is given by engaging children in a dynamic, unique classroom experience. The education classes which is offered by Robots 4 U focus on robotics, technology and art. All programs will combine a desire to learn the STEAM with dynamic and fun environment, whether it is their summer camp or classes programs facilitated by partner with private or charter schools or even home school groups.

Robots 4 U Groupon

Robots 4 U Groupon Programs

There are some educational programs that can be found on Robots 4 U groupon, which are:

- Summer Camp

This half day, one week program engages students in an open school-house atmosphere. The summer camp is suitable for students from ages 7 to 17 years old. In this summer camp, students will be given seven different levels of robotics. From the basic level to the medium they will learn about basic robot structures to more complicated plastic and metal robots with programmable control.

- School year

School year program gives 10 week classes to students. This Robots 4 U groupon program is cooperated with school’s curriculum to make sure that it can meet the needs of technology, science, robotics and art. The classes meet the needs of any instruction team from the school with after school or during the day classes.

Robot 4 U provides and offers such robotics course program with some special goals. Based on the company’s website, the program was created to:

- Encourage students to interest and enter into engineering and other technology based programs in university, including medical and teaching fields.

- Provide students, both boys and girls, with the guidance, tools, dynamic environment and education to develop their interest and skill in Science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics or STEAM.

- Partner with private and charter school to improve their ability and reach in educating students, especially in the areas of technology, art, engineering, mathematics and science.

- Assist Christian Home School groups to supplement their science programs with hands on learning programs and tools, which align with the company’s beliefs and values.

Many students have proven the joy and dynamic experience by joining Robots 4 U groupon. If you want to encourage and introduce your children to science and technology, then registering them to the program will be one of the best ideas. You do not have to worry about the location because the organization holds programs in some different states in the country.

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