Types of Robotics Jobs in California

When we talk about robotics jobs California, then we have to understand about the types of jobs available in the field. We know that California is one of the modern cities in the US, where there are big industries, hospitals and assembling centers can be found. And, we also know that today, technician and engineering industries hire skilled workers in robotics. They who work in robotics try to design robots, test them and also repair them. Many robotics engineers who work in companies also sell the robots to businesses. We can say that today’s robotics engineers are the forefront of solving some challenging problems because they help increase the country’s defenses, treat disease, explore space and improve living standards.

Robotics Jobs in California

Popular Robotics Jobs in California

If you are interesting to work in robotics, here are some robotics jobs California you can find:

- Sales Engineer

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, robotics sales engineers focus on selling scientifically and technologically advanced products. The bureau notes that sales engineers possess knowledge of the robotics products, especially about its components, functions and all the scientific processes. California needs so many robotics sales engineers since there are many industries in the city. Robotics sales engineers can collect about $90.540 of annual wage.

- Robotics engineer

This is one of the most interesting robotics job California. This job has a responsibility to debugging programs, giving technical support, reviewing designs, installing robots, maintaining robots and also integrating robots with peripherals. Based on data released by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, robotics engineers are able to earn about $89.560 a year.

- Mechanical engineer

This job carries a broad list of job responsibilities. Mechanical engineers’ main tasks are designing, researching, developing and testing tools, machines, engines and other mechanical devices. Mechanical engineers in California can earn $80.580 of annual wage. Generally, mechanical engineers work on power-producing devices, including robots that are used in manufacturing. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that the job will grow up to 6% through 2018.

- Robotics technician

These job responsibilities is building robots, disassembling and reassembling robots and also installing robotic systems. Having career on robotics technician in California means you will earn about $46.310 a year.

So, you do not have to be confused about what kinds of robotics jobs in California since there are many fields you can try to find. What you need to do now is just looking for the degree needed.

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