Restoration Robotics IPO and Company Financing

The information of Restoration Robotics IPO caught people attention because the company is one of popular robotics company with nice achievement. People who follow the story of robotic hair transplantation must know this company as the manufacturer of a computer-assisted system to harvest follicular units from scalp directly called ARTAS System. The ARTAS System has been showing incredible result in helping people to get their hair back and say goodbye to boldness. With such popularity, it is normal that people get excited to hear the news about Restoration Robotics public offering.

Restoration Robotics IPO
Restoration Robotics IPO
Popular company sounds profitable. It is not a weird thing that people want to get the profit as well by investing on the company. However, popularity is not enough reason for investment. If you want to invest your money on some company, you need to know the real company financing. Therefore, apart of finding information about Restoration Robotics IPO, you also need to search information about Restoration Robotics financing and analysis from the expert. It will help you to decide whether you will invest on Restoration Robotics, a company that is headquartered at San Jose, California.

The news about Restoration Robotics, Inc. is so far good and promising. In January 2016, the company has filed form D for equity financing. The total amount of the offering is $ 4.42 million and the company successfully sells 100% of the offering. A good record with 100% sold of Restoration Robotics offering is a good sign that the company successfully gained trust from investors. Among biotechnology companies, Restoration Robotics stands higher than the average. In Biotechnology sector, the average offering sold is 73.77% from the total offering with the average investment size is $ 3.08 million.

In the middle of year 2016, Restoration Robotics announced their new President and CEO, Mr. Ryan Rhodes. With 25 years of experience in medical device industry, especially marketing, sales, and leadership, Mr. Rhodes is expected to bring improvement in the company. So far, the company seems to run well. In the next offering from Restoration Robotics, it is hopeful they will get a nice result as well. If you interest, follow information on Restoration Robotics IPO and be sure you gain as much information and analysis before you invest.

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