How to Create Small Fake Robots with Household Junk

Robot toys for 3 years old kids are easy to build. Because of their age, you do not need to use electronical components. Just make a robot from simple materials and decorate it well, your kids will love it. A great thing about small fake robots is, you can make them easily from discarded household junk. You can use recycled cans, broken pieces of toys or even old discarded appliances. Because you are building robots from junk, each part you use will have its own character.

Robot toys for 3 years old
Robot toys for 3 years old
The first step to create small robot toys for 3 years old is to make a body. You can try to use an old container that looks like a robot body as it is the easiest way to do it. Old hairspray bottles, pop cans, small metal cases and other bits of household junk can be used for building the robot’s body. Then find the small fake robots head. Feel free to use anything. You can use small tins, small metal lampshades or maybe compact jars. For the arms and legs you can use silverware. You can also use the arms and legs from old broken action figures or even bendy metal necks from your old desk lamps. For the robot feet, you have to use two flat surface items to make the robot balance. Jar lids can be used for the feet because they are quite easy to find. Do not forget to create and attach eyes, a mouth and a nose to the robot head. Add antennas, a couple of ears or other features that you want. However, the best way to make a robot face is soldering electronic components from a small used circuit board. Use capacitors, resistors and other basic components to create eyes and nose. And for the mouth, you can use integrated circuits. Attach the eyes, nose and mouth to the head with solder.

Attach all the rest of the body parts together. The easiest way to do this is using epoxy. If you want to get a tighter fit, can cut holes in the robot’s body fit with the arms and the legs. If you want to complete the work, coloring the small fake robots using spray paint. Now, you get a small robot toys for 3 years old kids.

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