The Name of Robotic Spacecraft and Satellite

What is the name of satellite or robot that has been launched to the outer space? It cannot be denied, satellites and robotic spacecraft hold crucial role to the space expedition and exploration. Those satellites and robots help us explore the space without having to support life. They can travel longer, reach dangerous areas, and at lower risk than conventional spacecraft. Robotic spacecraft have been used since the first space missions up to now. Here are the names of the satellite and robots that have been used for space exploration.

What is the name of satellite or robot

Sputnik 1 launched by the Soviet Union launched in 1957. This is the world's first satellite. A year later, the first U.S satellite namely Explorer 1 also launched. In the next few decades U.S. brought some different satellites and missions, included Lunar Orbiter, Ranger and Surveyor for exploring the moon, Viking for the Mars and Voyager, Mariner, Galileo, Magellan and Pioneer to Venus. The Soviet Union did not want to give up, they launched Luna to the moon and satellite Venera to Venus. In the 1980's, Japan and Europe had joined the space race with unmanned missions to Halley's Comet. What is the name of satellite or robot from Japan? They are by Suisei, Sakigake and Giotto. By the 1990's the Hubble space telescope launched and started the decade with a breakthrough. There are several robotic spacecraft such as ACE and Ulysses sent to the outer space to study the sun.

In February 2001, the NEAR robotic spacecraft landed on the Eros asteroid. NASA also launched Deep Space 1, which was the first program in the new millennium. NASA also launched CONTOUR that was aimed for two comets. Unfortunately, in August 2001, it broke apart and was lost. Canada also has its first space telescope namely the MOST. It was launched in June 2003. On January 2005, Deep Impact was launched but it collided with a comet on July 2005. In August 2004, MESSENGER blasted off and targeted to enter the orbit around Mercury in 2011. In January 2006, New Horizons launched and in 2015 it will pass Pluto. There are many other space missions with satellite and robots in the world. However, those were the answer if you ask about what is the name of satellite or robot for the outer space.

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