Canada 150 Plus

Canada 150 Plus

Welcome to Manitoba Education and Training’s initiative to encourage Manitoba teachers and students to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Confederation by reflecting upon Canada’s past and present, and envisioning the country’s next 150-plus years.

Canada 150 Plus puts forward resources so that teachers and students can explore the significance of this celebration, and recognize the rich and diverse history of Manitoba and Canada before 1867 and imagine the future of our country beyond 2017.

Schools can use the resources on this webpage to:

  • celebrate who we are as a diverse society and where we are headed as a nation
  • reflect on the past, present, and future of our local and national communities from different perspectives
  • engage in an interdisciplinary approach to highlight the people who have shaped our local and national communities, such as authors, scientists, athletes, artists, musicians, activists, and entrepreneurs
  • discover online resources
  • explore local landmarks
  • participatein school or classroom based activities related to this important milestone
  • plan for a better tomorrow
  • challenge students to reflect on questions such as:
    • How has our province evolved over the years?
    • What challenges and opportunities are we facing as a province and a nation?
    • How does our rich diversity continue to define us as Manitobans within the national context?
    • What is our role in shaping Canada in the future?

We encourage you to become particularly aware of Manitoba's journey and to explore our history and identity, both before and after Confederation.