Manitoba's Celebration of Excellence in Teaching

Minister's Award Recipients 2009-2010

Minister's Award Recipients 2009-2010

Teaching Excellence Award – Early Years

Recipient: Mrs. Dawn Gunter


Mrs. Dawn Gunter
Grade 1 Teacher
Centennial School
Lord Selkirk School Division

This dedicated Grade 1 teacher shares her passion for learning with students through innovative projects that include reading, numeracy tool belts and lesson plans with names like Icky Letter I and Bubblegum Words.?Gunter’s gift for connecting with students and engaging them in the learning process is the mark of a truly exceptional teacher.

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Teaching Excellence Award – Middle Years

Recipient: Mr. Scott Stephenson


Mr. Scott Stephenson
Grade 4 to 6 Teacher
Onanole Elementary
Rolling River School Division

Stephenson provides diverse, challenging and creative learning opportunities for the students by successfully integrating information and communication technology (ICT) with the Blended Approach to Teaching and Learning (BATL) and by implementing peer mentoring programs.?He has formed many lasting relationships in the community by voluntarily coaching sports activities and continually promoting the importance of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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Teaching Excellence Award – Senior Years

Recipient: Mrs. Roberta Mitchell


Mrs. Roberta Mitchell
Grade 9 to 12 Teacher
St. John's Ravenscourt School

A dedicated English as an Additional Language (EAL) teacher, Mitchell stands out as mentor, leader and counsellor, bringing literature to life in the classroom and inspiring confidence in young people to excel at whatever they do.? Mitchell speaks on EAL instruction at conferences and in-service sessions throughout the province. Her many extracurricular activities include co-ordinating her school’s annual Dominican Republic service learning trip.

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Outstanding New Teacher Award

Recipient: Mr. Jason Hofer


Mr. Jason Hofer
Kindergarten to Grade 4 Teacher
Hofer School, Greenwald Hutterite Colony
Sunrise School Division

The first student from his colony to graduate, Hofer is a passionate educator and leader, providing his Kindergarten to Grade 4 students with authentic, real-life opportunities to help them develop into independent, creative and confident citizens. A recent project involved planting a school orchard to supply students and staff with fresh fruit and juice. Currently, he is setting up a woodworking shop for the students of Hofer School.

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Team Collaboration Award

Recipients: Mrs. Wendy Fielder, ^principal, Mrs. Dayna Quinn-LaFleche and Mrs. Margaret Wonko, teachers


Mrs. Wendy Fielder
Mrs. Dayna Quinn-LaFleche and
Mrs. Margaret Wonko

Rosser School
Interlake School Division

These champions of the environment started with a grand vision – to achieve Earth School III status through the SEEDS Foundation Environmental Initiative. This was a nearly impossible challenge for such a small school. It required the 39 Kindergarten to Grade 4 students to complete, in one year, 1,000 environmental activities such as reducing waste, saving energy and reusing materials. Rosser School succeeded, becoming one of only four schools in Canada to achieve Earth III status. Their victory is a testament to the leadership and commitment of the team, and the tremendous level of social and environmental engagement of staff, students and the community.

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Outstanding School Leader Award

Recipient: Mrs. Barbara Miller


Mrs. Barbara Miller
Alexander School
Brandon School Division

Since becoming principal in 2007, Miller spearheaded the transformation of Alexander School, formerly in need of renewal and suffering from declining enrolment.?It is now a thriving, creative-arts learning centre.?Her exemplary leadership, positive work ethic, integrity and commitment to community growth and development have earned Miller the respect and support of students, colleagues and community members.

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