Early Years Enhancement Grant

March 2017, Minister Wishart announced that the Early Years Enhancement Grant (EYEG) replaces the Smaller Classes Initiative (SCI). The new grant will provide school divisions with flexibility and decision-making autonomy regarding organizational changes and supports needed to ensure success in the early years (K-3) including, but not limited to, class size.

As such, school divisions will no longer be required to be compliant with the SCI guidelines.

The same funding provided in 2016/17 will be provided to each school division in 2017/18 for a provincial total of $16 million. School divisions can choose to use the grant to cover operating costs to maintain smaller classes, develop teacher capacity to increase student achievement, or a combination of both.

In the fall of 2017, as part of the K-12 Framework for Continuous Improvement, school divisions will be required to set realistic and measurable targets for increasing student achievement in literacy and numeracy in their school division plans.  Divisions will also be expected to continue submitting Class Tracker data to the department annually by October 15th.

Going forward, there will be a focus on strengthening province-wide measurement and evaluation of educational outcomes, and sharing best practices for improving student achievement, including literacy and numeracy.

If you have any questions about the Early Years Enhancement Grant, please contact:

Janet Tomy
Student Achievement, Support and Innovation
Manitoba Education and Training
1181 Portage Avenue
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Telephone: 204-945-2809
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